//Fly Black Bird 70’s Single

Fly Black Bird 70’s Single


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In collaboration with Fly Black Bird, we have produced this classic template to suit narrow tail single fins and Bonzers.

Less rake through the tip allows quick release and direction changes. Pulled back outline increases the arc through turns.

The retro multi-colour panel has been created by laminating one layer, adding a second coat of “filler” resin and then sanding that flat. The process then repeats with the second colour and and so on until the panel is complete. It’s plenty of hard work but well worth it for the end result.

Fly Black Bird was created by Portuguese graphic designer Pedro Falcão in 2013. Pedro seeks to create unique handmade boards  focused on the design and art behind surfing. “More than a Surfboard” is the Fly Black Bird motto, allowing Pedro to dabble in all his passions under the one banner. T-shirts, fins, surfboard bags and beautiful books are all part of his jive. The creative direction of this brand has foundations in the past, with eyes pointed to the future and a focus on contributing to Portuguese surf culture and community.

The 2 Fly Black Bird books are worth a place on your coffee table. Available from the FBB website, they are very special items with lots of interesting stories about surf culture and history around the world.

Check the Fly Black Bird website here.