//Flex // Ltd. Green Acid

Flex // Ltd. Green Acid


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Limited Edition Green Acid panel – drawing inspiration from moving to the New South Wales hinterland and being blessed. Not sure how long the trip will last, Canggu is calling.

Please note – each of these one-off fins are cut from a different part of the hand made panel. Actual fin may vary slightly from the image above.

Extreme rake for hold on the face and nose riding. Low surface area for loose turns and unique projection into the pocket.
The sleek, heavily raked Flex Fin is a favourite for logs, hulls and mid lengths. Great for noseriding, but also lends to beautiful wide arcs, minus the stiffness of a more upright fin.

Solid brass pin. Stainless steel plate and screw.
Highest quality 7.5 oz. fibreglass cloth and resin
100%  Australian Handmade