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Extreme rake for hold on the face and noseriding. Low surface area for loose turns and unique projection into the pocket.
The sleek, heavily raked Flex Fin is a favourite for logs, hulls, mid lengths and anything with a wide tail.
Great for noseriding, but also lends to beautiful wide arcs, minus the stiffness of a more upright fin.

Solid brass pin. Stainless steel plate and screw
Highest quality 7.5 oz. fibreglass cloth and resin
100%  Australian Handmade

SUITS: Small hulls and boards under 8′
DEPTH: 228mm / 9″
BASE: 165mm / 6.5″
SUITS: Mid lengths, hulls and light footed loggers
DEPTH: 254mm / 10″
BASE: 178mm / 7″
SUITS: Logs, noseriders and wide tail mals
DEPTH: 279mm / 11″
BASE: 197mm / 7.8″

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