//Fin Council chat with Andy Warhurst

Fin Council chat with Andy Warhurst

Andy Warhurst loves surfing, shaping and gangster rap. We love Andy for all those things plus his tattoos.  

I live in..

I grew up in..
East coast  of Vicco

I pay the bills by..
Making surfboards.

My last overseas trip was to..
Dirty paradise, Bali

My next overseas trip is to..
Dunno, Indo or the States maybe

Listening to..
Right now, 213. good vibes

Doccos about strange people

The Tao of Wu by The RZA

Just had a pretty sweet steak sanga at the local watering hole

Victoria Bitter

Surfers I like..
JJF, Parko, Curren, Kelly, Tudor, most of the local guys around Noosa, Matt Chojnacki
and the Husni

Shapers I like..
Mctavish, Wayne Lynch, Lopez, MR

My best session ever was..
Hard to say, had a pretty memorable sesh at South Straddie a few months back.
Ive had some epic sessions up here on the points in the 2 years ive been here.

The best board I ever shaped was..
its hard coz my tastes in boards change so often, theres one i sold maybe a year ago that i always wish i didnt,
a 9’2 longboard, turned so well, was nothing special about it but it just had this feel about it.

The worst board I ever shaped was..
The next one i made for myself after selling the one above. Same as my usual shape but tried a totally different rail shape, like thick rail but comes to a sharp pinch in the center, like a lot of old mals u see. If u got it on the right spot on the wave it felt amazing but if the wave didnt give u the opportunity, which was pretty rare, it just felt like a dog. Glad i did it though coz now i know, it doesnt work!

Check out Andy’s work at www.finesurfcraftbyandrewwarhurst.com or look out for him along the points at Noosa.
Images by Mia Sara