Here at Alkali, we create original, premium quality handmade fins for people who love surfing.

All our fins are foiled by hand, from fiberglass panels we make the old fashioned way, in a humble little factory on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Our focus is giving new life to fin templates that have stood the test of time, and getting the best from modern designs by using the premium materials and proven techniques.

New ideas make us happy, and ideas often turn into limited editions that run out the door fast. Keep an eye on what we’re up to by following us here, on Instagram and by signing up to our regular newsletter.

Hand made in Australia
Hand laid fiberglass panels.
Hand foiled by fin guru Phil Way.
Hand finished and individually stamped.

Highest quality materials
Best quality Australian resin and fiberglass.
Long lasting brass pins.
Stainless steel plates and screws.
Vibrant Hawaiian tints and pigments.

Fully foiled 100% fiberglass fins give an even flex curve throughout the entire fin.
A lively and responsive feel.
More drive through turns.
Greater release when changing direction.
Strength and durability against rock damage.

Box Fins, FCS style plugs and Glass-On options across our whole range.
Custom templates and colours available on request.
Limited edition templates, inlays and tints.

The Now: Alkali Fins from SURFER Magazine on Vimeo.